Self-Love.. It’s All About You

Good Morning Beautiful Souls.

I hope you’re all doing well.

Today I just wanted to share some thoughts with you.
I know there haven’t been many updates on this blog of late and I do apologise about that..

When we break Self-Love down to it’s core… It’s a reminder that Self-Love is so simple yet so complex to master… at the end of the day.. Self-Love is all about YOU.
When you begin to master the art of unconditionally loving yourself.. You are taking your power back. Your true power that dwells within your authentic self.

Self-Love causes a huge shift in perspective (or at least it did for me… I know everyone’s self-love journey is different and there are no right or wrong ways on this journey).

Recently, I’ve learned through self-love that you are in total control of your life. (take a moment to read that again and let it sink in).
Nothing in this world can affect your emotional state unless you allow it to.
You are the creator of your life, you have the power within you to overcome any and all hardships in life.
You are only responsible for your own actions, your own responses to situations, You cannot control anything outside of you.

When this truly starts to awaken your ability to love yourself unconditionally, you step into your true power, your whole purpose of being comes into focus, you are here on this earth with a purpose and that purpose is unique to you as an individual. No one call tell you how to live your life, your choices are your own and you are in complete control.

In short, you are a magnificent being, made with Divine purpose and you embody the light of the Divine and should allow that light to shine through in all that you do.

Self-Love… always starts with YOU.

With All My Love,
Kim ❤

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