Positive Effects of Mercury Retrograde.

Good Evening Beautiful Souls.

On July 7th, once again Mercury enters it’s Retrograde state (I have covered Mercury Retrograde briefly in previous posts) and I know things get a little intense and overwhelming during Mercury Retrograde, technology problems and blocks in communication are notoriously more common during Mercury Retrograde, but it’s not all bad.
I am now going to be looking at the positive side of Mercury Retrograde.

Here are 10 positive effects of Mercury Retrograde:

1: Second Chances- Retrograde is a time when the past catches up with you to give you a second chance to do things better than you did the first time. This is a good thing when you think about it, we all have things in our lives we wish we could improve on. Now is the time to go ahead and take another shot.

2: Spiritual Growth- Retrogrades make people focus on researching matters of the spirit when they experience chaos. (Mercury Retrograde is known for bringing chaos!).

3: Forced Patience- Retrogrades will show you just how impatient you really are, which is no good for your mind, body or spirit. Slow down a little during this time, you need to give yourself a break to really focus on what’s going on around you.

4: Time To Relax- Following on from number 3… Retrogrades are times to relax and not do much in order to avoid problems (unexpected problems are common during Mercury Retrograde!). This is a good thing. Enjoy your relaxation time.

5: Truth Is Revealed- Retrogrades pull all the skeletons out the closets for you to see and overcome. The purpose is to correct the energies, which is a really good thing, you will no longer by stuck stagnating in negativity.

6: Crystal Love- Retrograde is a great time to research the power of crystals and if you can, update your collection to help with the crazy energies of the season.

7: Overcome Fears- Retrograde makes you face your fears so you can see just how strong and powerful you really are, and it’s usually more powerful and strong than you think.

8: Set The Record Straight- Retrogrades corrects any wrongs done to you by forcing everyone involved to rethink and take a second to look at matters of the heart, mind and spirit. This allows you to get closure in areas of your life that you seek it.

9: Great Reminders- Retrogrades is like an alarm clock for the spirit to remind it to get back focused on your life journey.

10: New Plans- Retrograde has a way of adjusting the plans that you though you had; just see this time as a new adventure into the unexpected… you never know what yiou might discover.


With All My Love,
Kim ❤

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