Affirmations for The Month of July.


Good Evening Beautiful Souls.

Here we are again at the beginning of another new month.
July is finally here which brings with it… Summer… Summer is finally here!
(Although here in Wales, it doesn’t feel much like summer!)
A new month is always a blessing because it’s a time of reflection and a time to look ahead.
Take a moment today to congratulate and encourage yourself for the lessons you’ve learned throughout the month of June, reward yourself for overcoming any and all challenges… You’re doing amazingly well in life…. Keep going!

Here are some affirmations for the month of July:

1: Today, I take time to restore my “temple” with loving self-care and adoration.
2: Today, I embrace new opportunities.
3: I am a beloved child of The Divine and worthy of every good thing I desire.
4: Today, I embrace my independence and freedom.
5: Today, I am compassionate towards others and especially myself.
6: Today, I embrace ease in all I do.
7: Today, I seek adventure in all that I do.
8: Today, I restore my mind, body & spirit.
9: I am trying something new this month.
10: Today, I embrace my inner wisdom.
11: I remember that I am held in the loving arms of The Divine every step of the way.
12: I am grateful for my strong mind, body & spirit and I treat them well every day.
13: I am standing firmly in my personal power and shining my love and light brightly.

With All My Love,
Kim ❤

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